1. Only Posting Your Listings – It is important to post content on your social media sites other than your listings! Social media is a great way to show off your personality as well as your business. Post local news, real estate related comics, anything your clients might find interesting!
  2. Confusing Professional with Personal – If you are using social media for business purposes, you should keep personal content to a minimum. While it would be appropriate to post pictures of your family’s vacation to Florida on your Facebook profile, it would be unprofessional to post them to your business page!
  3. Duplicating Your Posts on All of Your Social Media Pages– Posting the same content to every one of your pages at the same time makes you look like a robot! You will not come off as sincere. Try to cater you content to your specific audiences on each page.
  4. Not Displaying the Correct Contact Information– If you are on the road more often then you are in your office, do not list you office number as your contact number. Do not give out your personal email address if you do not check it frequently. Remember, the purpose of having social media site as a Realtor is to generate business!
  5. Disappearing from the Social Network– Social media is updated 24/7. It is easy to disappear from your audience if you do not post content on a regular basis. Try to post at least 3-4 times a week.

Don’t make these mistakes and you will be on the road to successful social media marketing!

With hundreds of new social media names, icons and terminology popping up every year, keeping up with the times can seem a little daunting and quite overwhelming. But the Primary Residential Mortgage | Primary Local marketing team is here to help with all of that!

While common sense says, “the more places you are, the better you are” (and in many cases, I agree) no one has enough free time to master every social media platform out there and still have time to sell. So before you sign up for every new online medium that your 14-year-old nephew tells you is “cool”, you need to master the basics and really hone in on the places where your current and potential clients are active.

  1. Facebook
    Ok, this one seems like a given since it’s the one that everyone talks about. But I still find many agents using Facebook who are not necessarily using it to the site’s full potential. For example, have you created a Facebook business page, or are you still using your profile as your “marketing tool”? If you DO have a page then ask yourself, how often do you actually post your listings, articles, Real Estate humor, or engage with your followers? Social media is only effective if you’re social. Simply creating a handful of pages and profiles and leaving them stagnant will not do much for your marketing.
  2. Blogging (WordPress.com, Blogger.com, etc.)
    A blog isn’t a “social media” site per-say, however, it is a crucial tool in online marketing. If you haven’t started one yet and just want to dabble in it, you can try any of the free sites including WordPress.com, Blogger.com or if you are in a town which has a Patch.com website, you can use their platform to give blogging a whirl.
    Why is blogging so great, you ask? It gives you original content and promotes YOU as the expert in your field. For example, posting a link on Facebook to a Wall Street Journal article on first time home buying tips may give you content, but once your followers click the link they are sent off into cyberspace and further away from you. By writing your own blog post on home buying tips, followers click the link which will take them to a page that is maintained by you – making YOU appear as the expert in your field and keeping you at the forefront of their attention.
  3. Pinterest
    Pinterest is the most recent social media fad, but if you ask me, it’s here to stay. Basically, if you break up the name it gives you a perfect description of the site. It is a virtual PIN board for all of your INTERESTs. Like Facebook, Pinterest can be great for both personal use and for business, but it is truly a great tool for Real Estate professionals. Pinterest is catching on like wildfire and many of the people who are on Pinterest love “pinning” things related to dream homes, DIY ideas, gardens, home improvement, etc. Target client audience!
    Creating pins on Pinterest allows a more visual and non-intrusive way to share content and your own listings and blog posts while getting a better click-through rate to your website and listings. In fact, according to an article on SearchEngineLand.com, Pinterest is surpassing search engines like Yahoo and Google in driving traffic to websites. Pretty incredible!
TELL US: Have you found success in using these sites? Do you prefer another site over any of the ones listed above? Use the comment section to let us know! And be sure to follow Primary Local on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + and YouTube, as well as our blog to stay up to date on our upcoming happenings and tips!