1. Only Posting Your Listings – It is important to post content on your social media sites other than your listings! Social media is a great way to show off your personality as well as your business. Post local news, real estate related comics, anything your clients might find interesting!
  2. Confusing Professional with Personal – If you are using social media for business purposes, you should keep personal content to a minimum. While it would be appropriate to post pictures of your family’s vacation to Florida on your Facebook profile, it would be unprofessional to post them to your business page!
  3. Duplicating Your Posts on All of Your Social Media Pages– Posting the same content to every one of your pages at the same time makes you look like a robot! You will not come off as sincere. Try to cater you content to your specific audiences on each page.
  4. Not Displaying the Correct Contact Information– If you are on the road more often then you are in your office, do not list you office number as your contact number. Do not give out your personal email address if you do not check it frequently. Remember, the purpose of having social media site as a Realtor is to generate business!
  5. Disappearing from the Social Network– Social media is updated 24/7. It is easy to disappear from your audience if you do not post content on a regular basis. Try to post at least 3-4 times a week.

Don’t make these mistakes and you will be on the road to successful social media marketing!