Note: This is the second piece in a two-part blog. Click here to see part one, “What Really Happens When I Apply for a Mortgage” Obviously circumstances arise which legitimately prolong the mortgage approval process. Not every loan will close in 2-3 weeks no matter how capable all of the parties involved are. However, you
(…and how to avoid it taking over your life for half a year) Whether you’ve picked out your dream house and need a purchase loan or you continue to see mortgage rates advertised for much lower than what you have and decide it’s time to refinance, applying for a loan is your next step. You

“What’s Your Rate?!”

FHA Loans
Note: Written by Charles D’Arezzo, Sr. Loan Officer NMLS 29022 If you are interested in buying a new house or refinancing the house you’re in, you have probably talked to many banks and mortgage lenders and asked “What’s Your Rate?” It’s a very important piece of information as your interest rate determines what your ultimate