Everyone knows that Christmas is the time for giving. Maybe so much so that many of us get so wrapped up in buying the most lavish gift or spending more than we planned. Whether you stood in line for hours on Black Friday for a cheap Xbox for your kids or a new flat screen
If you have kids in their mid teens or even younger, you’ve probably thought more than you wanted about their plans after high school. If you fall into this category you may also know the hot topic is that federal student loan rates have doubled in the past few months making it even more expensive
Note: This is the second piece in a two-part blog. Click here to see part one, “What Really Happens When I Apply for a Mortgage” Obviously circumstances arise which legitimately prolong the mortgage approval process. Not every loan will close in 2-3 weeks no matter how capable all of the parties involved are. However, you
(…and how to avoid it taking over your life for half a year) Whether you’ve picked out your dream house and need a purchase loan or you continue to see mortgage rates advertised for much lower than what you have and decide it’s time to refinance, applying for a loan is your next step. You
We have already received some pretty great coloring contest entries, but if your child has not yet sent in a picture of what he/she is thankful for, there is still time! Our Thanksgiving coloring contest is open to anyone ages 13 and under (with parental permission) and is running until November 16, 2012. What Do
After the housing market crash of 2008, the dream of owning a home seemed unattainable for the upcoming generation. Many recent college graduates and young professionals have disregarded the goal of owning a home and have become comfortable with being renters. However, due to record low rates and low housing prices, most of the time