FHA Loans
Applying for an FHA mortgage on a new purchase or refinance after January 26, 2015 could save you hundreds of dollars per month and thousands of dollars over the life of the loan on your current or new purchase home mortgage insurance premium (MIP).
As many of you are aware, on April 1st of this year, the FHA made changes to their monthly mortgage insurance by raising the premium by 10 basis points. For instance, if you were only putting 3.5% down on a FHA loan before April, your monthly payment MIP (Mortgage Insurance Payment) would have been 1.25%

Why Refinance With An FHA Streamline?

As you have probably heard, mortgage rates are at an all time low. But don’t head into your new refinance blindly. Know your options! One of our favorite programs we offer to clients who currently have an FHA loan is the FHA Streamline Refinance. It’s a great program that can not only lower your interest